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Which hearing aid tubes can be treated with VANISH?

All BTE's (up to 200 ml), all thin wire RIC's, mini RIC covered wires and all PSAP's (up to 200 ml).

Will the dye process harm my hearing aid or the tube?

The dye never gets on the hearing aid and it is physically impossible to harm the tube.

Is VANISH permanent?

Hearing aid tubes dyed with VANISH will last for years.

Will the dye rub off on my clothes or skin, is it allergenic?

The dyed or colored hearing aid tubes will not affect surrounding surfaces and dye is organic and non-allergenic.

What does VANISH cost?

VANISH is $49.90 for the kit. Free shipping within the United States.

How do I make sure that I select the right color?

Use the color wheel in natural daylight to choose the color that most closely matches your ear skin tone. If in doubt, go one shade lighter. (See the color wheel here)

FAQ's - DIY Application Kits

Can I re-use the dye after first application?

Once the dye is mixed, its shelf life is unpredictable due to varying air, humidity, and temperature conditions. If re-used, it may or may not work as anticipated, but it will not harm the tubes.

What if my tubes come out too dark or too light?

If they are too dark, use the scuffing pad to gently and gradually reduce the color. If too light, re-dye for increments of 10 to 15 seconds. 

VANISH DIY Application Kits are $49.90 (for two hearing aid tubes).

FREE shipping within the United States


When our son’s classmates stopped teasing him about “those things” in his ears, we knew VANISH was working. An 11-year-old boy and his distressed parents will never forget this moment.
Arun P., Frisco, TX