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DIY Application Kit Instructions

  • Prepare a protected work space next to a sink.
  • Have a timer handy. 
  • Remove the dome on each hearing aid.

See application video at the bottom of this page.

1. Use the color wheel (included in the kit) to select your color.

2. Release the dye and shake vigorously for 30 seconds.

release dye into bottle

3. Scuff the hearing aid tubes thoroughly on all sides for the full length of the tube. Properly scuffed tubes will look like frosted glass.

scuffing the tube

scuffed Tube

4. The soaking tray is marked "left" and "right. Insert the speaker/receiver (the end of the tube that goes in your ear canal) through the corresponding left or right hole into the soaking tray. When in proper position, tube rests on the bottom of the tray, with the speaker/receiver pointing up.

Note: If your hearing aid has a retention wing, secure it by placing the included retainer tube over both the speaker/receiver and the wing (to get the retention tube up and out of the way).

Some hearing aids have large speakers and it will be easier to disconnect the tube from the hearing aid and insert the tube from the inside of the soaking tray.

insert tube into tray

Retainer Tube

Insert tube from inside tray

5. Set the timer for the desired color according to the soaking times on the bottle. Shake the bottle again and pour the dye to just below the bottom of the speaker/receiver.

Immediately start the timer.

Pour dye into tray

Immediately start timer

6. When the time expires, (using the hearing aid outside of the tray) rotate the tube up and out of the dye and pour out the dye. Remove the tube and wipe with a damp cloth. Rinse the tray.

Rotate tube up and out of dye

Pour dye out of tray

Al and Jill Musser provide instruction video on how to dye the transmission tubes for a BTE hearing aid to blend with any skin tone.


VANISH DIY Application Kits are $49.90 (for two hearing aid tubes).

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