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THE Easiest Most Effective Way To Diminish The visibility of your hearing aids.

The VANISH Pledge

VANISH- 5 Years Later


I think that VANISH is an incredible product and I'm thrilled!  The hardest part to dying the tubes was thinking about it.  When I actually did it, it was such a simple procedure and took me less than 10 minutes from prep time to completion. 

Now I can hear AND look good!  Thank you so much, VANISH.”

Callie M.

My VANISH took me ten minutes to apply and has hidden my hearing aids from sight! (See application instructions here) The color blends seamlessly with my skin tone and the glare of clear plastic tubes has gone.  This is a revolutionary and long overdue solution to an all too common problem for hearing aid wearers. Amazing!

Richard C.

Advances in hearing aid technology have provided many of us with the smallest, most discreet hearing aids ever produced — but that doesn't mean they go unnoticed.

Whether we've been wearing them for a week or a decade, most of us are self-conscious about our hearing aids. We feel like everyone is staring at them, and that anxiety can have a major impact on our social lives and how we interact with those around us.

Voted Best New Product by the American Academy of Audiology, VANISH is the solution we've been looking for.

Using a simple, safe dye process, VANISH greatly reduces — some say eliminates — the visibility and reflectivity of your RIC and thin wire hearing aid tubes. Read on to learn more!