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VANISH is a scientifically formulated dye that works with your existing hearing aid tubes to match the color of your skin.

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Hearing Aids - Why You Can't See Mine

Thousands of people in locations throughout the world have applied VANISH to their hearing aid tubes. To date, we have never heard from anyone who was less than thrilled with their results. We developed VANISH because we just knew my hearing aids could be less noticeable. We think you will be happy to find that yours can be too.




Welcome to VANISH

A lot of us have hearing problems. Most of us choose to ignore it and selfishly irritate our spouses, our children, our friends and ourselves, sometimes for years. I know this for a fact, because I’m guilty of doing it.

When I finally got my behind the ear hearing aids, I was thrilled. I could hear, and you couldn’t see them. Except for the shiny reflective tube snaking down my ear. Surely, I asked my audiologist, we can change the color to match my skin tone and reduce the reflectivity? Not going to happen, I was told.

VANISH greatly reduces (some say eliminates) the visibility of your hearing aids by coloring and extinguishing the reflectivity of your RIC and thin wire hearing aid tubes.



I think that VANISH is an incredible product and I'm thrilled!  The hardest part to dying the tubes was thinking about it.  When I actually did it, it was such a simple procedure and took me less than 10 minutes from prep time to completion. 

Now I can hear AND look good!  Thank you so much, VANISH.”

Callie M.

My VANISH took me ten minutes to apply and has hidden my hearing aids from sight! (See application instructions here) The color blends seamlessly with my skin tone and the glare of clear plastic tubes has gone.  This is a revolutionary and long overdue solution to an all too common problem for hearing aid wearers. Amazing!

Richard C.