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A lot of us have hearing problems. Most of us choose to ignore it and selfishly irritate our spouses, our children, our friends and ourselves, sometimes for years. I know this for a fact, because I’m guilty of doing it.

When I finally got my behind the ear hearing aids, I was thrilled. I could hear, and you couldn’t see them. Except for the shiny reflective tube snaking down my ear. Surely, I asked my audiologist, we can change the color to match my skin tone and reduce the reflectivity? Not going to happen, I was told.

It did happen, but it took us three years to do it. Today, VANISH is busy blending nine different skin tones with dramatically reduced reflectivity on tubes all over the world. We’ve heard heart rendering stories of young children that were able to hide their hearing aids with VANISH and eliminate insensitive teasing (testimonials). Adults write us about how they would not have procrastinated buying hearing aids for two years - had they known about VANISH. They greatly appreciate their hearing aids being less noticeable.

One of my hearing aids is treated with VANISH, the other is a standard tube. It’s music to my ears when people ask me why I only wear one hearing aid.

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Our best, Al and Jill

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