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Tips for Dealing with Hearing Loss

Hearing loss affects about 15 percent of American adults. As one of the five senses, hearing sounds enhances our experiences in life. When we hear a song from childhood, we relive that moment. When the birds sing again, we know spring is near. When you walk in snow and hear the “hush” sound, it’s as magical as a unicorn. And when you hold your baby for the first time and he or she cries, your heart now belongs to your child.

Vanish understands the hardships Americans face when dealing with hearing loss. We also understand how those with hearing loss may not want others to know their condition. That’s why we offer invisible hearing aid tubes that match your skin color. In this blog post, we’ll offer up tips for dealing with hearing loss.


  • Eliminate background noises. With modern hearing aids this problem can be greatly reduced. Some hearing aid models reduce background noise for you, but they are not perfect. When having a conversation, turn off the TV, move into a less crowded room, and get rid of other white noise devices such as fans and heaters. Be wary of the noises around you.
  • Learn to lip-read. This is definitely a skill, but one you’ll be able to pick up surprisingly easily. This is especially useful in a room full of people. You can take a class, check out some books on lip-reading from your local library, or practice at home to perfect the skill.
  • Rely more on facial expressions and body language. Again, this is where the local library is an invaluable resource. Facial expressions and body language can tell a lot about what others are feeling. These are good sources when in a conversation, and it’s hard to hear what’s going on.
  • Face people. It’s much easier to hear someone when their voice is coming straight at you than from the side.
  • Ask people to repeat what they have said. Even people with normal hearing loss don’t hear everything. Asking others to repeat what they’ve said is a great way to catch what you missed.


Our uniquely colored hearing aid tubes allow the wearer to be discreet about their hearing aids. Vanish’s colored hearing aid tubes are easy to match and blend in, putting the wearer at ease and able to hide his or her hearing loss if so desired. Users of Vanish’s invisible hearing aid tubes report amazing results and satisfaction.

Hearing loss continues to be a problem around the world, especially with the advent of technology and the increasing time people spend in front of screens, playing video games, and listening to portable devices with earbuds. Vanish’s mission is to help those with hearing loss around the world by offering invisible hearing tubes. We are currently seeking distributors of our invisible hearing aid tubes. Contact us online today for more information!