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How to Hide Your Hearing Aid

Americans have thrived on the spirit of independence since 1776. We conquered the Western Frontier, took Manifest Destiny to heart, and achieved technological wonders our ancestors never dreamed possible. We’ve been taught to be independent, to do things for ourselves, and be the best in our little niche in this world.

Thus, none of us like to admit there’s something wrong with us. Some of us will resist until the problem becomes unbearable. This can be the case with hearing loss. In fact, according to recent statistics, adults aged 70 and older with hearing loss who could benefit from hearing aids don’t wear hearing aids, with fewer than one in three having ever used them. This statistic is even worse in younger adults, where only 16 percent of adults ages 20 to 69 have ever tried hearing aids.


Obtaining hearing aids is akin to admitting you need help, which goes against every fiber in our bodies as Americans. Yet, humans were meant to live in community, rely on each other in times of need, and take care of each other, especially as Americans age.

Vanish understands how stigmatized hearing aids can be. Children can be made fun of and adults can be perceived as weak and perhaps even useless. Hearing aids can be seen as a sign of aging, and therefore, a sign of incompetence on the part of the wearer. Vanish’s mission is to help those afraid of being judged based solely on their hearing loss hide their disability and feel comfortable in day-to-day interactions with others. Here are some tips for those interested in hiding their hearing aids.


  1. Use your hair. This is the easiest tip for women. Wear your hair at least to shoulder height and down and your hearing aids will be invisible.
  2. Become a hat person. Beanies, hats, and baseball caps are great ways to hide your hearing aids and they are fashionable as well.
  3. Decorate your hearing aids. If you don’t like your hearing aids because of the color, spice them up with some creativity. Add color, patterns, sparkles, glitter, or ribbon. The sky’s the limit for thinking of ways to make a fashion statement while disguising your hearing aids.

Vanish understands how having a disability can make you feel self-conscious and different. Our mission is to help you fit in with the world through our discreet hearing aids. The sounds of the world are too magical to miss just because you don’t want others to know you have a hearing loss. Try our invisible hearing aid tubes today!