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Invisible Hearing Aid Tubes - DIY Dye Kit




If you suffer from hearing loss and use hearing aids, it can be difficult to find a way to keep them discreet. Some people will go as far as trying to tuck the hearing aids beneath their hair or purchase expensive digital hearing aids that sit discreetly in the inside of the ear. As you may have realized, neither of these options is the perfect solution.

Introducing the first of its kind, VANISH. A simple-to-use dye treatment that is applied to hearing aid tubes that directly matches with your skin tone.

Finally, a REAL Solution For Discreet Hearing Aids

VANISH is an exciting new product designed for people to use with their current hearing, behind the ear hearing aid devices. Our innovative DIY dye kit is a breakthrough product in the world of audiology as it is the first of its kind that offers an inconspicuous alternative to bothersome hearing aid tubes.

How Does VANISH Discreet Hearing Aid Tubes Work?

VANISH is a scientifically formulated dye that works with your existing hearing aid tubes to match the color of your skin.

Our dye kit is simple to apply, fast, and best of all—affordable! Follow our easy step-by-step application process according to the desired skin tone and the tubes are ready for immediate use.

The first step is to order VANISH today! We guarantee 100% satisfaction and we are so proud to be able to provide people with a solution to their unsightly hearing aid tubes that we will ship the VANISH dye kit for FREE anywhere in the United States!


Once your VANISH kit arrives, you can get started as soon as you’d like. We include everything you will need to finally hide your hearing aid!

1. Prepare a clean work space close to sink.

2. Remove the dome from each hearing aid device.

3. Using the color wheel from the kit, select your skin tone.

4. Release the dye into the bottle.

5. Shake the bottle for 20-30 seconds. Set aside.

6. Scuff the tubes thoroughly until the tubes look like frosted glass.

7. Insert tubes into the soaking trays

8. Carefully pour the dye into the soaking tray up to the bottom of the speaker/receiver.

9. Set the timer according to the soaking times located on the bottle.

10. When the time expires, pour dye out of the tray.

11. Remove the tube from tray and wipe with a damp cloth.

12. Rinse the tray and repeat the same steps for the second tube.  


    Vanish Application Process from XSEED Design and Production on Vimeo.



    What does the dye kit include?

    The VANISH kit includes the vanishing dye, scuffing pad, retainer tube, retention wing, soaking tray, and color wheel.

    How long does the dye last?

    The vanishing dye is permanent and will last as long as the lifetime of the hearing aid tubes.

    What types of hearing aids are compatible with VANISH?

    VANISH works with any brand of behind-the-ear hearing aids!

    How long does the process take?

    The entire VANISH dyeing process is only a matter of minutes. The darker your skin tone, the longer the dye will need to set. But that is only several minutes.

    When can I reattach the hearing aid tubes?   

    Don’t worry, you won’t be without your hearing aids for long! After the timer goes off and you gently clean off the tubes, you can reattach them to your hearing aid devices and begin wearing them right away!

    Does VANISH make invisible hearing aids?

    As many of us only hope to have an invisibility power, we can’t make invisible hearing aids. However, we are the next best option! Our formula that we use within the VANISH dye allows the tubes to blend into our skin tone so they are less of a distraction, making them virtually invisible.

    What is the purpose of scuffing the tubes prior to the dye application?

    This is a good question and a very important step that greatly impacts the outcome of the dye process. Scuffing the tubes reduces the shine and reflective effect that standard tubes have. Additionally, it allows the dye to penetrate the surface so the dye is evenly distributed.

    Can I buy VANISH in stores?

    Currently, the VANISH discreet hearing aid kit is only available for purchase online.

    Will VANISH match my skin tone exactly?

    We cannot guarantee an exact match, but many of our customers have written to us claiming that the tubes are unnoticeable unless you are looking very closely. Read the testimonials page to see what others have to say about VANISH!

    How many skin tones does VANISH match?

    VANISH can successfully blend with nine different skin tones with a dramatic reduction in reflectivity.     

    Feel Great And Hear Better

    Many people are reluctant to buy themselves hearing aids because they’re nervous about their appearance. Unfortunately, the individuals who suffer from hearing loss are doing themselves a disservice by allowing the stigma of hearing aids get the best of them. The founders and creators of VANISH knew this wasn’t right and were bound and determined to find a solution.

    With just over three years of development, research, trial and error, and a lot of patience, VANISH was ready for distribution.

    Now, adults and children alike can finally enjoy the benefits of hearing aids without worrying about the hearing aid tubes being the first thing others notice. We are pleased to have found a convenient and affordable solution for people who need it the most.

    As VANISH becomes grows, we rely on your feedback! We would love to hear from you whether you have questions about our discreet hearing aid kits or you have your own VANISH success story to share, send us your feedback on our contact page!

    Order your VANISH discreet hearing aid kit today and get free shipping!