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VANISH is an exciting new product designed for people to use with their current behind the ear hearing aid devices. Our innovative DIY dye kit is a breakthrough product in the world of audiology as it is the first of its kind that offers an inconspicuous alternative to bothersome hearing aid tubes. Our dye kit is simple to apply, fast, and best of all—affordable! Follow our easy step-by-step application process according to the desired skin tone and the tubes are ready for immediate use.

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VANISH is a special dye process used to match the color of hearing aid tubes to your skin tone. VANISH uses a light dye to create six different lighter skin tones, and a dark dye to create three different darker skin tones. This page describes the lighter skin tones. Click here to go to the darker skin tones. 


1. Use the color wheel (included in the kit) to select your color.
2. Release the dye and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. release dye into bottle
3. Scuff the hearing aid tubes thoroughly on all sides for the full length of the tube. Properly scuffed tubes will look like frosted glass.
scuffing the tube scuffed Tube
4. The soaking tray is marked "left" and "right. Insert the speaker/receiver (the end of the tube that goes in your ear canal) through the corresponding left or right hole into the soaking tray. When in proper position, tube rests on the bottom of the tray, with the speaker/receiver pointing up.
Then You Are Done, In 4 easy steps!


The majority of the research and development expense with VANISH was to create a product that was foolproof. It had to be easy to apply with little effort, safe and permanent. It had to produce a predictable consistent result every time. We ran hundreds of tests to develop colors that would include every ethnicity on the planet. Yet we had to make sure the colors were fluid enough that getting close would be acceptable to the human eye.


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Emilie Frank

All of the support, detailed instructions and comfort that Al provided cannot be put into words and we really do not have any way of thanking him beyond letting others know this product can change a person’s life in so many ways. As the kit arrived, Al personally called us and went through each step to ensure we were properly applying the dye to his tubes and following all the steps. As the dye was applied we could immediately see the difference from a bright shiny tube to one that was very close to his skin color. As he put on his hearing aids tears came out from our eyes because of emotions built up, because we could not even notice the tubes. The next day our son went to school and for the first time a few children actually came up to him and asked him “why don’t you have those things in your ears anymore”. Andrew immediately felt they were kidding and checked by gently touching his ear to make sure the devices had not fallen out. He had the hearing aids on but just shrugged his shoulders and decided to let the kids think he was not wearing them. All of this is due to the kindness of both Al & Jill who again are loving, caring individuals that have invented a product to help people live a better life. A young boy and distressed parents will never forgot this moment, and we think that thousands of hearing aid users will want this product !!!!

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Lewis Todd

“I would like to tell you how awesome I think your VANISH product worked for me. I recently had to get my first hearing aids and did so very reluctantly. My main issue was the stigma associated with wearing them. I was positive that everyone would be able to see the tubes, know I am wearing hearing aids, and for some reason think less of me. I know this was wrong, but for the first three weeks I was so self-conscious about having the visible tubes running over and into my ear that I was continually looking in the mirror and trying to adjust them so they wouldn't be so visible. Today, I had my tubes treated with the VANISH product and it completely changed the way I feel about wearing them. Immediately after getting the treatment completed, I asked my wife what she thought. Her comment was that I needed to put them in so she could decide. I told her I did have them in. She had to get her glasses out and get within about a foot to even see them. I look in the mirror now and literally cannot see the tubes unless I turn my head sideways and get about six inches away. There is no way for me to express how grateful I am for VANISH. This is a product that could change the entire hearing aid industry as people would no longer feel the stigma of having to wear them. I waited to get mine at least a year or two longer than I should have simply because I didn't want to go through the embarrassment. Due to this I missed out on so much because of my hearing loss. I am maybe the happiest hearing aid wearer in the country today!”

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Maria Holmes

I had my hearing aid tubes dyed and my mother’s also. They are now truly almost invisible. This is a great product. I’m an artist and working with paints and dyes is second nature to me, so I can appreciate what went into the development of VANISH. Thank you so much for inventing this process. (See How VANISH came to be) Now, I don’t ever leave my hearing aids in the drawer.”


The fast, easy, permanent way to make hearing aid tubes match any skin tone.
When I finally got my behind the ear hearing aids, I was thrilled. I could hear, and you couldn’t see them. Except for the shiny reflective tube snaking down my ear. Surely, I asked my audiologist, we can change the color to match my skin tone and reduce the reflectivity? Not going to happen, I was told. It did happen, but it took us three years to do it. Today, VANISH is busy blending nine different skin tones with dramatically reduced reflectivity on tubes all over the world. We’ve heard heart rendering stories of young children that were able to hide their hearing aids with VANISH and eliminate insensitive teasing (testimonials). Adults write us about how they would not have procrastinated buying hearing aids for two years - had they known about VANISH. They greatly appreciate their hearing aids being less noticeable.

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