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What Customers Ask Us About Their Audiologist, Hearing Loss and Hearing Tests

We are not hearing care professionals, and not even close to being qualified to answer medical questions about hearing loss, hearing tests and audiologists. We never make specific recommendations about hearing products like Siemens or Resound or audiologists.

Because of our product Vanish, we come into contact with many different audiologists and have been impressed with their honest commitment to help people with their hearing loss. They work hard to stay current with new developments in hearing tests, hearing loss and new products.

Hearing aids have been on a blistering path of technical innovations over the past decade and it does take a dedicated professional to make sense of what works best for different kinds of hearing loss. Just staying up with new technology and new equipment that produces sophisticated hearing tests is both costly and time consuming.

One question that seems to come up all the time is from a customer who has a hearing test that indicates a significant hearing loss in one ear and is marginally deficient in the other. That describes my condition a few years ago. I always recommend a hearing aid for each ear. Sooner or later it’s going to come to that and besides, it’s frustrating to keep favoring one ear over the other.

One thing we know for sure, untreated hearing loss can be a lot more frustrating for the hearing than the hearing impaired. “What’d he say?” What do YOU say? Is it time to get a hearing test?