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VANISH? Or an Illusion?

Our product for hiding the appearance of hearing aids, VANISH, was the subject of this photo parody when a colleague accidentally spilled some on her keyboard.

Did it vanish or was it an illusion? Illusions occur when our sense of reality becomes distorted. Optical illusions like the one below, occur because vision, which is the strongest of all of our senses and the one we depend on the most, become temporarily disrupted (or sometimes it’s Photoshop!).

The strongest illustration I can think of to really explain an illusion is watching the brilliant and magical art of Siegfried and Roy in a Los Vegas stage show. In one scene they had an exotic white tiger in a cage placed in the center of the stage. They walked around the top and the sides, there was a puff of smoke and when it cleared seconds later, the cage was gone and the tiger was standing, free, center stage. Moments later the tiger was replaced with an elephant, another puff of smoke and the elephant disappeared. Illusions? Of course! (I do hope they found the elephant).

VANISH is not an illusion, its camouflage. Camouflage depends upon a process called “crypsis” which is the process of visually creating a pattern of color which confuses the object with its background. You do this by eliminating shadows, reducing contrast, limiting light transmission and changing the color of the object.

We can most assuredly admit that VANISH will not work on tigers and elephants, but it sure does the trick on hearing aids! Skin colored hearing aid tubes make a great camouflage ( testimonials ).