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The New/Old World of Internet Marketing

We call it the “New/Old” world because it’s new to us, but beginning to be old for those that have been “internet marketing” for over a decade. As we all know by now, the first step in marketing with the internet is developing a website. You can see ours at Well, I guess you are actually here, on our site, if you are reading this! The website is most commonly used to tell people about your product, how it works, how you use it and how much it costs. (As you can see, our product, VANISH, enhances the appearance of behind-the-ear hearing aids by bringing you the possibility of colored hearing aid tubes.)

By posting your website on the internet, it’s a little like pasting a sticky note on the community bulletin board announcing that you now have 15 liver colored, eight week old, Curly Coated Elk Hound puppies for sale. Except with the internet, the bulletin board is bigger than huge.

We of course, being rank newcomers to the world of the internet, thought of our presence as being just the U.S. How myopic! By now, we have all heard of Google. Google does everything internet and makes a fortune doing it. Google tells us amazing things about our website that we didn’t even know we needed to know.

Amazing, you think, how do they know all of this? Wait till you hear this. On the same report they will tell us, the sex of the visitor, their age, the city they live in, their approximate income and their dog’s name. (just kidding about that last one) Now you know why Google makes a billion bucks a year.I just a few minutes ago looked at our Google account that analyzes and reports on who is looking at, and spending time on our website. The results are almost scary. In the last 30 days, shoppers from 43 different countries have visited our website. The ten most active countries are the U.S., Russia, Brazil, France, England, Ukraine, Spain, Italy and Japan. The last three countries are Taiwan, Uganda and South Africa. The one that I have absolutely no clue about is the one individual from the city of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso that visited. I’m pretty sure that’s a prime candidate for our product VANISH.

We spend countless hours trying to figure out what it all means, how we should react with our marketing message and change our primary impact area. I’m not sure it’s working, I’m still trying to figure out where Burkina Faso is. I could Google it, couldn't I? Or maybe YOU know where it is!