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The Best Gadgets For Baby Boomers


We are well into the 21st century and the majority of America’s population relies on gadgets to manage their day-to-day lives. Gadgets like smartphones, tablets, GPS systems, fitness trackers, and bluetooth speakers are constantly evolving, making it nearly impossible to ever have the latest and greatest piece of technology. While most people assume that smart gadgets are intended for generation X, millennials, and generation Z, we live in a time when the latest technology is no longer just for the kids.

Baby Boomers are redefining the stereotype that gadgets are only for younger generations and are finding they can benefit from apps, smartphones, and tablets to make their lives easier. In today’s article, we’ve provided a list of our favorite gadgets and services that benefit people over the age of 60.

Discreet Hearing Aids

Unfortunately, hearing loss is a daunting reality for many people, especially for those over the age of 60 (and sometimes younger). The good thing is as time progresses, our technology gets smarter and smarter — including hearing aid devices.

When the doctor suggests that you should consider a hearing aid, it can be difficult to hear (no pun intended). Rest assured that the hearing aids that are available today are far more advanced than the ones that first come to mind. Additionally, there are hearing aid accessories such as VANISH that turn any hearing aid device into a discreet hearing aid.

VANISH has been voted as the Best New Product by the American Academy of Audiology. Many behind-the-ear hearing aids are small enough that they are nearly unnoticeable, except for the shiny, reflective tube that drapes over the top of the ear. VANISH is the latest product that greatly reduces the visibility of hearing aids by using an advanced formula that dyes the tube to blend into nine different skin tones.

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Apple® iPad

IPads made their debut in 2010, introducing the perfect solution for families, businesses, and everyone in between to research or browse the internet without a bulky laptop. It’s no secret that iPads offer an endless array of possibilities that can sometimes become overwhelming. In fact, the vast majority of us don’t use iPads to their full potential. Most people assume that individuals over the age of 50 might easily be deterred from advanced technology, when in fact it is actually the opposite. As of 2015, 37 percent of baby boomers and 25 percent of seniors report owning a tablet.

If you’re wondering what Baby Boomers and seniors need an iPad for, the answer is simple — for the same reason as you! Playing trivia games during TV commercial breaks, online shopping, responding to emails, checking up on their grandchildren’s Facebook page, and so much more!

In-Car Bluetooth Speakerphones

Distracted driving is on the rise and many states throughout the country are making it illegal to operate a cell phone while driving. Makes perfect sense, right? Unfortunately, many of us can’t seem to detach completely from our cell phones even while we’re driving. Many car manufacturers recognized society’s addiction to technology and provide bluetooth as a standard option in new vehicle models. A great solution, yes, but what about the people who don’t have the means to purchase a brand new vehicle? Sure, your phone has a built-in speakerphone that can provide a short-term solution, but most of the time it becomes more of a hassle. And we have to be honest, Baby Boomers like things to be simple.

Purchasing an in-car bluetooth speakerphone is an easy and affordable solution for those who enjoy catching up with loved ones during their commute. There are plenty of options available that range anywhere from $50 to $200 depending on the sound quality you are looking for. The device simply clips to the sunvisor directly above the driver’s head and connects to smart phones wirelessly via bluetooth.


Electronic book readers caught on fast for book lovers everywhere. They’re lightweight, easy to use, and provide immediate access to digital books at the fraction of the cost of an iPad. Electronic books have a digital screen with an anti-glare that is easy on the eyes. Once people get settled into retirement, day-to-day activities are more relaxed and the day moves on at much slower pace, allowing retired Baby Boomers more free time to catch up on their favorite books. To make the most of their time, digital books can be downloaded in a matter of seconds and are ready to enjoy immediately. No more drives to the bookstore or library, spending time browsing for the latest best seller only to find out it is sold out. Digital copies are always available for download.

If you find yourself somewhere without your eReader and you need to pass the time, various eReaders offer free phone apps that allow you access to your book from your phone.

Mobile Banking

Millennials and Generation Z may never understand what the tedious burden of balancing a checkbook each month is like thanks to mobile banking. Baby Boomers can remember a time when the worst part of adulting was sitting at the kitchen table surrounded by a month’s worth of receipts and bills in order to determine the previous month’s expenses. When online banking was first introduced, many people didn’t rely on it 100 percent in fear of a glitch or inaccuracy. But nowadays, online and mobile banking continues to prove its dependability and more people are realizing how much easier life can be. While some Baby Boomers may not be entirely ready to let go of their checkbook balancing days, they are seeing the benefits of transferring funds between accounts, checking account balances, and even paying a few bills.

Amazon Echo®    

Over the last couple of years, gadgets and technology have taken a huge step forward utilizing voice recognition. The most popular device is Amazon’s very own Echo. With a few simple steps, the Echo connects to virtually anything in your home, including your smartphone, security system, lights, and even household appliances using its hands-free voice service.

Baby Boomers and seniors enjoy using the Echo because there are no buttons or screens to figure out. Simply saying, ‘Alexa’ will activate its command function for the user to provide instructions like setting reminders, providing weather, news, and sports updates, making calls, sending messages, playing music, and so much more!

The stereotype that people over the age of 60 are not candidates for using high-tech gadgets is nothing short of a misconception, especially for Baby Boomers in the 21st century. After all, it’s their generation that introduced the majority of the technology we rely on every day. And the same goes for VANISH, the best solution for discreet hearing aids. VANISH was developed by two Baby Boomers themselves, creating a one-of-a-kind product that dramatically reduces the visibility of behind-the-ear hearing aids so people of all ages can wear different types of hearing aids confidently.

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