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So where did VANISH come from?

It could be a long story, but I will make it a shorter one. My husband, Al Musser, procrastinated buying hearing aids until the better, digital technology became available. He did not want the old type that fills up most of the outer ear. It seemed like a long wait to me, so when he did get them, we were both thrilled that he could hear so much better (especially me!). I had to get out of the habit of talking too loud and getting ready to repeat most of what I wanted to tell him. He loved his behind-the-ear hearing aids and so did I.

However, every morning, when he put these new, digital hearing devices in, he always thought the transmission tubes were too noticeable. Why couldn’t he get tubes that had a skin tone color, and did they have to be so shiny? First, it was many trips to Hobby Lobby to try to find a paint that would look good. None looked good at all. Everything he tried would not go on uniformly, stay on, and they looked too opaque. Well, he started researching plastic treatments, experimenting with various coatings with a number of scientists, none of which produced good results. Finally, after 2 years of research and experimentation, he developed a special dye process that brought just the effect he wanted. As an artist, I was able to help. With my experience and knowledge of the nuances of different skin colors (which I learned from portrait painting), I was able to help make color adjustments to finally arrive at VANISH’s nine different blending skin tones.

Al purposely wears a Vanish treated hearing aid tube in one ear and an untreated tube in the other, so he can show people the difference. They have a very hard time seeing the VANISH treated hearing aid. Seeing is believing, or NOT seeing is believing (that VANISH does its job) in this case! And the many enthusiastic testimonials we have received would heartily agree.

We are fortunate to live in a rural area outside of Longmont, Colorado, as you see in the photo. We have lived in many different places for one reason or another, but Colorado is home. We have had some wonderful trips to quite a few foreign countries, and many trips to western states for bird hunting, fishing and painting. If you are a person with hearing loss, you know that most of life’s many joys are greatly enhanced by good hearing, for you and those around you. It is rewarding to have had a part in developing a method to create a better looking hearing instrument.