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Passionate about VANISH? YES!

One of the best things about selling VANISH is getting the feedback of those who use (and love) it. The exciting response is that no one is l­­uke warm about it, they are passionate about how it changes their hearing lives.

Claudia lives in Canada and VANISH is produced in the United States. Unfortunately products don’t move quickly between the two, so Claudia had to patiently wait for her VANISH kit. At the same time, she was patiently awaiting the completion of a new kitchen remodel. The VANISH kit arrived first, and we are happy to report that she was thrilled.

Here, in Claudia’s words, is her reaction to her remodeled hearing aids, we hope the kitchen project was as successful!

“I recently got my first hearing aids and until I did, I had no idea how much I couldn't hear! I purchased them from Costco and got the kind that are behind the ear with the receiver in the ear. Although I knew my hearing wasn't the best, I didn't want to wear them because of the stigma attached and had put off getting some for many years. When I came across VANISH on the internet, I immediately contacted the company, as the part I didn't like was the white wire that shows on the sides of my ears. I had spent a lot of time trying to tuck my short hair around those wires to try and make them less visible. I didn't want to change my hairstyle to cover them as I love short hair and the convenience of it.

I think that VANISH is an incredible product and I'm thrilled! The hardest part to dying the tubes was thinking about it. When I actually did it, it was such a simple procedure and took me less than 10 minutes from prep time to completion. I did set the dye and everything on a tray in case I spilled the dye. As it was, all went smoothly, except for a few drips. I've been really pleased with the service I'm getting at the Costco Hearing Centre but I don't think they know about this product or I'm sure they would carry it. I will most definitely be showing them the results and telling them about it. If given a choice, I can't see why anyone would not want the tubes dyed. It honestly makes them almost invisible! I couldn't ask for more. As it is, hearing aids cost a lot of money. I would happily spend another fifty dollars or more to have the tubes dyed to match my skin tone. The value for your money and peace of mind is most certainly there!

Now I can hear AND look good! Thank you so much to Al Musser at VANISH!"

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