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Interesting Thoughts About Hearing and Hearing Aids

35,000,000 – Yes, that’s thirty five million! The number of Americans who need hearing assistance but won’t get it.

If you, or someone you know, can relate to this conversation, maybe you, or they, are one of them:

Three old guys are out walking, and the first one says, “Windy, isn’t it”?

The second one says“No, it’s Thursday”

The third one says, “I am too, let’s go get a beer!”

No one that we know of even keeps track of the number of people who need glasses but don’t wear them. Why don’t people mind wearing glasses but resist hearing aids so much? Social scientists keep looking for answers but don’t seem to find them.

One popular theory is conditioning. We are all used to people at a very young age wearing eye glasses. We very seldom see young people wearing hearing assistance, but we do see a lot of older people wearing hearing aids. Our mental processing then concludes that wearing eye glasses is not a sign of age, but wearing hearing aids relates to age.

The hearing aid manufacturers over the last two years have done a marvelous job in trying to minimize the awareness of hearing aids. At the same time they’ve gotten more powerful, they’ve gotten much smaller. Trying to hide the tube that connects the hearing aid to the speaker in the ear canal just hasn’t happened. Until VANISH. The reason why VANISH works is that it customizes hearing aid tube colors to match the wearer’s skin tone. That’s a job for individual perfection that defies mass production.

By-The-Way, spring has finally sprung in Colorado!

Delicate Sand Lilies, the first thing to bloom around here. Some are a single bloom, others a big cluster of blooms. Exquisite - and happy spring to you!