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Hearing Loss & The Statistics Behind It

More than 60 percent of the U.S. population knows someone that is hard of hearing or is struggling with hearing loss. That’s more than half of our entire country that simply knows someone. More than 48 million people in the United States have actually reported that they are hard of hearing, and not all of them are adults. Though less common than adults, children too struggle with hearing loss and turn to hearing aids for assistance.

The team at Harmony Products is passionate about providing those with hearing impairments with a product that makes this life transition just a little bit smoother. In today’s blog post, we’re going to touch on some of the wild statistics of hearing impairment, hearing aids, and the like.


Hearing Loss and Age

Many people correlate hearing loss with old age, but the truth is that hearing loss is not specific to any one generation. In fact, a good majority of the 48 million individuals with reported hearing impairments are children. Of those 48 million, 65 percent of them are under the age 65. One of the more devastating statistics is that 1.5 million of those reported are school-age children. Finding solutions for individuals with hearing impairments is not something specific to old age, and that’s a prejudice we need to move forward from.


Hearing Aids as a Solution

Though it may seem like it would be a common solution for individuals with hearing loss to turn to hearing aids as a solution, very few people do in fact try hearing aids. Most people that have acknowledged they have a problem hearing have waited seven years before ever going to a professional and trying them out. 

This is an unfortunate statistic to see given that 90 percent of hearing impairments could be solved with the help of hearing aids. Surprisingly, it’s the younger generations that are having conversations about their hearing and the available solutions rather than the older generations that are more inclined to need hearing aids.


Your Profession Affects Your Hearing

Finding a career that you’re passionate about is crucial to your happiness, but it can have an effect on your hearing down the road. Though it may sound unbelievable, one in every four workers that are exposed to high levels of noise will develop some sort of hearing loss in their lifetime. There are a few professions that are more likely to develop them, including:

  • Police Officers
  • Firefighters
  • Farmers
  • Construction Workers
  • Heavy Industry Workers
  • Military Personnel
  • Musicians
  • Factory Workers

Though these are some of the more common professions, they are not the only ones! Individuals working in the education system have also proven to develop a loss of hearing later on in life.


Harmony Products

If you’re getting accustomed to using hearing aids, one of the many struggles that you may have is adjusting to the way that they look when you wear them. Harmony Products has created a varnish that allows for you to ensure your hearing aid matches your skin color for minimal visibility. We offer the ability to custom create a tone that matches yours so that you are able to enjoy discreet hearing aids with all of the high-quality benefits. Browse our products today and make sure to prioritize your hearing health.