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Hearing Loss - The Random Affliction

We are so stereo typed by the religion of media presentation that we don’t notice that the stars are afflicted with the same problems that visit the rest of us.

Because they are so good at covering up (with a little help from the art department) we don’t usually notice that some very well-known folks have hearing difficulty just like we do.

Rob Lowe had the mumps as a child and lost most of his hearing in the right ear.

Bill Clinton won’t detail what caused most of his hearing loss but most of us would assume it’s from playing the saxophone, perhaps badly?

The current late night entertainer, Stephan Colbert, lost most of his hearing in the right ear due to a tumor in childhood.

Robert Redford significantly damaged the hearing in both ears while filming the sailing thriller “All is Lost” when fire hoses imitating ocean spray hit his ear drums.

Halle Berry lost 80% of the hearing in her left ear when an ex boy-friend in a rage of domestic violence, struck her.

Jodie Foster has lived with hearing loss for many years but admits she has an almost paranoid resistance to wearing hearing aids.

All of these could, would, or are being helped by wearing modern hearing assistance, and with new technology like Vanish to make them nearly invisible, stigma should not be a factor.

I cringed when I saw Tom Brokaw interviewing Angelina Jolie about her movie “Unbroken”. His hearing aid was beyond noticeable and was a significant visible distraction. I tried diligently to track him down and give him a free Vanish kit, which would hide his hearing aid. Never could find him. I guess you can't just give guys like him a quick phone call. If you happen to know him, or bump into him on the street, tell him I can make that hearing aid disappear, and it won’t cost him a cent.