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It’s a nice word isn’t it? Sort of slips around your mouth and makes you use your lips. It’s French and that explains everything.

Basically, it means to “hide” things. Military tanks, fighter aircraft, battleships and people come to mind. When we first started our little company, all we were trying to do was hide hearing aid tubes. Although we liked the word “camouflage” very much, it didn’t seem to work for our product. So we called it “VANISH” instead.

As I’ve previously written, many, many people don’t wear hearing aids because they don’t want other people to see them. They would like to see them “VANISH”. We didn’t think it would work to say “they would like to see them camouflaged”.

The most amazing thing is how camouflage works in the world of nature without any human interference. Newly born fawns nestled on the leaf filled forest floor are difficult to see as are many snakes that you would prefer not to..see that is.

Here is a visual example of camouflage at its best, can you spot the tree frog in the second photo?

That’s a tough act to follow, and although we get tons of testimonials from ecstatic customers who love their VANISH, we’re still trying to figure out how to make it look like a tree frog.