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A Young Man's VANISH-ing Hearing Aid Experience

Al Musser, VANISH founder

Welcome to our first VANISH blog post.

VANISH is dedicated to making behind the ear hearing aids a better looking product by diminishing the awareness and appearance of this type of hearing aid. It’s making something look good by not being able to see it. It requires kind of a backward approach to marketing/selling!

A way to show you right off the bat what this product might mean to certain people, here is a letter describing the recent experience of an 11-year-old boy. His father wrote us:

Dear Al,

I wanted to start off by stating I do believe kind, wonderful people create great products because they are doing it out of their hearts.

As a desperate father, my son has been fighting hearing loss in both his ears from the age of 5. One of the biggest problems with hearing aids has been the stigma that he has faced from both children in school and outsiders who constantly judge him without knowing Andrew. He is a smart, fun loving 11 year old boy. When we first found out about his hearing loss our feelings were of devastation and sadness in addition to the unknown as to what the future held for this loving young boy growing up.

During the last 6 years, my son has gone through two pairs of hearing aids, his first set made by Phonak (behind the ear) were very large and clunky. This was the most devastating few years he had to suffer within constantly being asked what is that or other children not wanting to be friends, being treated differently which was just heartbreaking to deal with as parents. My wife and I and our daughter tried our best to comfort, instill a sense of importance in our son on a daily basis in every way possible.

There were times where he would not wear the devices in school and many complaints were received from teachers asking us to force him to wear them. Both the financial and emotional impact could be felt daily.

Approximately 2 years ago we moved to another city because we felt the school district where we were did not really assist our son in many ways but instead allowed bullying by other kids at times when intervention could have helped. I also went to other audiologists to find hearing aids that were more discreet which have helped somewhat but the tubes were still visible. Andrew would keep his hair longer to camouflage the tubes but they were shiny and still could be seen.

I recently came across your product one day because my son asked me “Dad, isn’t there a colored tube that would blend with my skin”? My next step was to search Google many different ways and suddenly an article appeared that said “hide your hearing aid”. We carefully read the information regarding VANISH which was used to color the tube to match one’s skin color. Both Andrew and I immediately wrote an email to Al asking for more information and how this works. Al replied very quickly and my heart was racing because of everything we were going through.

All of the support, detailed instructions and comfort that Al provided cannot be put into words and we really do not have any way of thanking him beyond letting others know this product can change a person’s life in so many ways.

We ordered VANISH, applied the dye, and we could immediately see the difference from a bright shiny tube to one that was very close to his skin color. As he put on his hearing aids tears came from our eyes because of emotions built up and because we could not even notice the tubes.

The next day our son went to school and for the first time a few children actually came up to him and asked him “why don’t you have those things in your ears anymore”. Andrew immediately felt they were kidding and checked by gently touching his ear to make sure the devices did not fall out. He had the hearing aids but just shrugged his shoulders and decided to let the kids think he was not wearing them.

All of this is due to the kindness of both Al & Jill who again are loving caring individuals that have invented a product to help people live a better life.

A young boy and distressed parents will never forgot this moment and wish the thousands of hearing aid users will try this product!
Aaron P. - Frisco, TX

Needless to say, we are thrilled to see how VANISH improved the life of Andrew. It is one of many true stories as more people discover that their hearing aids do not need to be noticeable.