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#3-Is It A Hearing Aid? or a PSAP?

(PSAP = Personal Sound Amplification Product)

As with most decisions in our busy lives, a lot of decisions come down to “What does it cost?”, and will my insurance cover it? Medicare does not cover hearing aids, and since most health insurance companies copy Medicare most of them don’t cover hearing aids. Many insurance companies and even Medicare will cover hearing aids if you purchase a special additional policy.

Unfortunately hearing aid cost is very confusing and would take several long pages of explanation. So we’ll try to condense the big picture into a little one.

PSAPs are sold mostly over the internet and range in price from $30 per unit to $500. Some of the $500 models are very good and will significantly help those with “mild to moderate hearing loss”.

Hearing aids sold over the internet start at $500 per unit and, depending on the options, can go well over $1,500 per unit.

Al Musser, Founder of VANISH

Hearing aids sold by hearing professionals are usually the highest price, but include the latest technology, a lot of personnel attention, sophisticated testing (called an audiogram), and an outstanding selection of options.

But here are two very important facts:

  1. Hearing industry statistics indicate that at least 85% of all hearing-impaired people fall in the “mild to moderate” hearing loss category. If you have any doubt, let your doctor decide at what level your hearing loss is, according to a professional hearing test.
  2. Almost every hearing aid or PSAP sold, including hearing professionals, big box stores and the internet, will let you try their hearing product for a trial period at no cost and with no hassle on returns. Try one out; if you don’t like it, return it.

For more information about hearing assistance costs see The Cost of Hearing Aids Is NOT the Issue by Robert Traynor in Hearing Health and Technology Matters blog, March 21, 2017.

Vanish makes it easy to wear hearing aids or PSAPs because it makes them so difficult to see. Hearing aids sitting in your dresser drawer (because you don’t like the way they look) won’t help you hear.