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#2-Is It A Hearing Aid? or a PSAP?

(PSAP = Personal Sound Amplification Product)
O.K., so now we know a little bit about hearing aids, and how they are different than PSAPs, (see previous blog) so which one should we buy? Although the answer to that question can be quite complicated, we’ll limit it to two major subjects, in order of importance.

Degree of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is usually, but not always, a condition caused by aging. Over the years, we’ve abused our hearing system with loud noises that have harmed our delicate receptors or they’ve just plainly worn out.
If we are honest, most of us can tell how bad our hearing has gotten. “I miss a few words here and there, but I can hear most, but not all of a movie and the same with TV. Crowded rooms with noise coming from all directions, like restaurants, makes hearing difficult.” Most hearing professionals would consider this a “mild” hearing loss. If the statement is modified to “I miss a lot of words and confuse some that sound the same, like “should” and “would”, I can only hear a little of what’s said in a movie or TV, and forget restaurants” that’s probably moderate hearing loss.
Most higher quality PSAPs and all Hearing Aids will help a lot with the “mild” hearing loss condition. Most higher quality PSAPs and all Hearing Aids will help with the moderate hearing loss, although PSAPs may not perform as well if the hearing loss reaches the outer limits of moderate loss.

Hearing Device Options

The second part of our question addresses hearing device options. If you want extra features like audio device connectivity (Blue Tooth) for telephones, cell phones and I Phones, side to side sound balancing, or have unique or extreme hearing loss in extreme frequency ranges, the PSAP is probably not going to work for you.
Katherine Bouton's AARP Health and Treatments article (May 9, 2017) titled Lower-Cost Hearing Devices May Be Coming Soon will give you more information.
The third post in this series will explore the cost differences between hearing aids and PSAPs.
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