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#1-Is It A Hearing Aid? or a PSAP ?

(PSAP = Personal Sound Amplification Product)

What’s the difference, what do they cost and which one should I choose? We’ll try to help answer these questions in the next three blogs. In the interest of clarity, we’ll ask the hearing professionals to excuse our simple comparisons and minimal technical data.

What IS the Difference?

They all mostly look the same and they all advertise amazing results in improving your hearing, so what’s the deal? Think about automobiles. Hearing Aids are like Cadillac’s and PSAPs are like Chevrolets. They will both get you from point A to point B, but the ride and the extra convenience will be a little different.

The Cadillac has a sophisticated in-dash navigation system that verbally tells you how to get to grandma’s house. The Chevrolet comes with a road map. The Cadillac has a 12-step programmable adjustment system that contours the driver’s seat to fit your personal shape. The Chevrolet’s seat moves up and back.

A very important distinction between the two hearing devices is that the hearing aid is designed to be programmed to your individual degree and type of hearing loss. Hearing aids are dispensed by hearing professionals after performing a very thorough and technical hearing test. PSAPs can be purchased over the internet or over the counter without a hearing test and without the assistance of a hearing professional.

Like a lot of products in our market place today, there’s a lot of intentional confusion that makes one product seem almost as attractive as the other. There’s a lot of effort that goes into making the Chevrolet look almost like a BMW or Lexus. Unfortunately, the consumer is going to have to spend a little effort to distinguish between the two. We’ll try to help with the information in this blog, and the next two blogs.

BTW - That's Life!

Some people WANT a Cadillac, some people don't. Some people can AFFORD a Cadillac, some people can't. Some people NEED a Cadillac, some people don't. That's life!

Next Blog:

#2 - Is It A Hearing Aid? or a PSAP ? Addresses which one you should buy.

#3 - Is It A Hearing Aid? or a PSAP ? Addresses costs.

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